Low Temperature Differential Engines

ReGen’s core technology is its proprietary heat engine that operates at temperature differentials well below those of most other engines.  Our initial designs call for operating temperatures of 250 degrees Centigrade and 100 degrees Centigrade.

The 250ºC engine will convert industrial exhaust heat to power, converting the energy from a temperature differential of 230 degrees.  Such heat streams are produced heavily in industries like steel, aluminum, glass, ceramics and cement.  This engine will operate at 25% efficiency and will be produced in output sizes between 500kW and 2MW. 

The 100ºC engine will act as a steam condenser, extracting the latent heat of condensation from low pressure steam as it condenses on the hot heat exchanger of the engine.  The paper, chemical and oil refining industries condense large amounts of low pressure steam for reuse.  This model will produce power between 250kW and 1MW, operating at 13% efficiency.

The engines will carry a lifetime warranty service package costing $0.006 per kW-hour of power produced.


Critical Pressure Steam Boiler and Expander

We will produce a critical pressure, single pass boiler and steam expander – essentially a steam engine – to be used as a first cycle in a combined cycle power system that uses our heat engine as the second cycle.  The fuel used to make steam can be natural gas or off-quality gases produced through gasification of waste materials or other sources of high temperature heat.

The initial 900kW expander will be designed to operate with a 250ºC, 500kW engine to produce a total system output of 1.4MW. 

The expander will produce power with an efficiency of 24%.  Coupled with a 250ºC heat engine, the system will produce power at 49% electric efficiency.


Rooftop Solar Thermal Power System

Our solar thermal collection system utilizes proprietary reflector panels offering greater reflection efficiency and lower maintenance.  The panels are supported by a lightweight, low cost frame using pre-assembled components for lower construction cost.